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Channel Surfing: Betty White
Channel Surfing: Betty White updated version of Mike Pingel's well praised book "Betty White Rules The World"
which was originally published in 2013. This version has 40+ new pages looking at this Hollywood Icon!

A humorous and heartfelt tribute to America's Sweetheart, Betty White

The book is packed with anecdotes, interviews, photographs, trivia tidbits, priceless quotes and zany "what-ifs" about the hardest working woman in showbiz.
From her countless game show appearances to "The Golden Girls" and "Saturday Night Live,"
all the priceless moments of Betty's storied seventy-year career are brought to life with wit and reverence for our sweet TV legend.

Betty was as sweet and charming off-screen as she is on. Hollywood insider and TV fanboy Mike Pingel
takes you behind the scenes to learn about her invaluable work with vulnerable and endangered animals,
her romantic life and everything else you ever wanted to know about the cultural phenomenon that is Betty White.

Channel Surfing: Betty White is the must-have book for fans of television's grand dame.

Praise for THE ORIGINAL Version Book: "Betty White Rules the World"
"This book is a moving and funny tribute…" ~ Andrew Davis, Windy City Times
"..pop culture historian Mike Pingel is out with another tidbit-crammed page turner." ~ Terri Schlichenmeyer, Washington Blade

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Angelic Heaven: 25 years of Charlies Angels News
Celebrate the 25 year Anniversary of the #1 Charlie’s Angels Fanzine & Website.
Find out how it was created and how it all began with memories by creator
Mike Pingel, a fan boy with a dream about six beautiful Angels.
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For many years, I have enjoyed most of my daily 10,000 steps to make my FitBit happy.
However, at times, I had to force myself to comply. When Covid-19 hit California and West Hollywood shut down,
I needed to keep active and walking was the best thing I could do to keep myself sane. So I grabbed my cell phone,
ear buds and I just began walking. As the LA air began to clear…the flowers seemed to be super happy. On my daily walks,
I started taking photos of the most beautiful flowers. These images are showcased inside this book. I hope you enjoy
the beautiful flowers that have brought so much joy to the people of West Hollywood, CA.
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